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The printed version of the 2018 Membership Directory had a duplicated page 12 and missing page 13. The on-line directories are correct, and a pdf of pages 12-13 will be uploaded to the members section of this website.

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Upcoming Events

Sat. Aug. 22, 2020: Region 1 Field Day (date changed to 8/22)
Thu. Sep. 24, 2020: Annual Meeting
Fri. Sep. 25, 2020: Annual Meeting
Sat. Sep. 26, 2020: Annual Meeting
Sun. Sep. 27, 2020: Annual Meeting

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For registration questions, contact Marynell Eyles, ACPS Secretary at

Checks should be made payable to "ACPS" (US Funds)

Mail to:
Secretary, Marynell Eyles, ACPS Secretary
PO Box 100
Middlebrook, VA 24459 
Phone: (540) 886-2239


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