Tarrah Baker driving Crib Glas Cymbal 2020

Crib Glas Cymbal

2005 Grey Mare

Sire: Landgate Bluebeard
Dam: Hillside Lynn

Owner: Tarrah Baker

Cymbal and I have had a great year: trail riding in the mountains, doing dressage clinics, carriage driving, working with our grandchildren and neighbor children (ages 3-7) to develop a love of  horses and confidence and balance in riding them.

We have also worked on conveying how we communicate with each other to our young riders

We have greatly enjoyed each others’ company in all of our endeavors. Cymbal is a patient and generous partner in all. She is always calm and good natured in all that I ask of her. We have made progress in our goals of achieving correct flying lead changes, counter canter, ranvers, travers and half pass which we use to encourage balance suppleness and strength. Next year’s goals include piaffe and passage.
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