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The process is not really difficult although I know if you haven’t done something like this before, it can seem daunting. The committee likes to know what you do with your Connemara and what’s special about your pony/horse. This is not about what ribbons you have won, especially this year when many competitions have been called off due to the COVID 19 virus. You could write a letter that tells how you have introduced your pony to others who have never heard of Connemaras. You could write a song, a story or a poem about your horse. Perhaps you want to tell about a special talent you have developed with your Connemara.

There are a few rules, but after you have answered the questions and included the required information, use your imagination to tell us about your relationship with your pony. We love to include your essays, letters, and entries in the American Connemara magazine in the spring. That way, we get to know our Connemaras, our junior members, and their special talents. One or two photographs can help illustrate your application.

  1. You must be a current junior or family member of ACPS.
  2. You must be 18 years of age (or under) as of January 1, 2020.
  3. The Connemara purebred or Connemara half bred or Connemara Sport Horse must be registered with the ACPS but does not have to be owned by the rider.
  4. You must include the full registered name and registration number of the horse. Please also include sire and dam’s names.
  5. You must include your name and date of birth. In addition, please include your contact information including: mailing address, email address, and phone number.
  6. You must submit the information to me by September 1, 2020. You can email it to . If you are not able to email it, you may snail mail it to 149 Shaw Road, Northfield, NH 03276.
  7. If you submit it in a form that old people like me may not generally use, please send me instructions about how to access it. (Email, Word and PDF are generally understandable, but I need help learning what is new and exciting for juniors!)
  8. You can apply for a scholarship even if you have been awarded one in the past, we expect continuing progress and continuing education.
  9. Remember that the scholarship is for educational activities like clinics, instruction, working with a new trainer or the like. It may not be used for new tack or gear. There is no time limit, so you can use it when it is safer to travel and/or when there are more educational opportunities available. (Hopefully that will be in the not too distant future).
  10. As you compose your application, please answer these three questions:
    What do I like about my Connemara?
    What do I do with my Connemara?
    What learning opportunity would the Scholarship provide for me and my Connemara?
  11. By making this application for a scholarship, you are agreeing to the use of your entry materials in the American Connemara magazine and the ACPS website.

If you have any questions, send me an email. Please don’t wait until the last day of August, in fact, you can start right now! You can’t get a scholarship if you don’t apply and we award over one thousand dollars in scholarships each year. I’m looking forward to hearing from lots of you!

Stay safe, Linda Haines for the ACPS Scholarship Committee

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