Tre Awain Ginger Blue is a 14.1 hand grey stallion, foaled in 1982, sired by Gilnocky Ard Righ MacDaire, out of Tre Awain Linnet's Lass. In the 1992 USDF awards, he placed 15 nationally out of 2000 horses at First Level. In the fall of 1995 Ginger Blue returned home after nearly four years in Washington to Missouri where he was born and raised to stand at Three Creek Farm near St. Louis. 

Kathryn Roe wrote about his time in Washington: Ginger Blue arrived in northwest Washington in December of 1991 traveling from Laura Carpenter and her mother, Dorothy Moore's, place in St. Louis, Missouri to Kathryn Roe's Ros Na Ri in Deming, Washington. He stepped out of the trailer as if he owned the place and when led to the arena to stretch his legs he walked around, trotted a bit, cantered some, then galloped around the arena and sailed over the 4 and 1/2 foot fence only to find himself up to his knees in a northwest soggy, boggy pasture and then flat on his face in the mud. He was mortified. We've all grown to love this little character. He is obviously an athlete, very kind, somewhat protective of his mares, and enormously talented, willing and smart. 

In January he started his first Dressage work with trainer, Kim Austin. What a combination they made. With Ginger Blue's natural abilities, good mind, and commanding presence combined with Kim's training talents and expertise in Dressage, they moved quickly through Training Level and decided to show him his first season at First Level. His first schooling show he came home with high score of the show and two blue ribbons. After that he was shown in USDF recognized shows and brought home a fist full of blue and red ribbons competing mostly against large, fancy warmbloods. His USDF Median Score (including two 70% tests) for the 1992 Dressage season was an amazing 67.166% which placed him 15th in the nation out of 2,000 horses at First Level.

In August of that showing year we started preparing him for his most important show of the season, the West Coast Connemara Show in Medford, Oregon. Major problem: with the concentration on dressage, which was a new discipline for Ginger Blue, he had not been jumped since his arrival in Washington. We didn't know what to expect. Kim and Ginger Blue had a few controversial days as they discussed the pros and cons of jumping over fences . . . Kim's way! This happened only ten days before the show. Two days before we left they enjoyed an informative, last minute lesson from Fran O'Reilly, which helped give them both the necessary confidence for Oregon.

Ginger Blue loved the West Coast Connemara Show and the spectators and judges loved him, too. With the chemistry between Kim and Ginger Blue, he exhibited all the attributes that make our Connemaras so wonderful. He was versatile, ready and willing to do all he was asked, untiring, good natured and sharp. In his two dressage tests he earned 71+%. He performed a musical freestyle demonstration better than he had ever done it before, won Reserve Champion Dressage, Reserve Champion Connemara Stallion, and the West Coast Grand Champion, the Cricket's Dew Flutter-by Trophy.

He is an incredible pony. We feel grateful to Laura Carpenter for sharing him with us and privileged to have had him here in northwest Washington. 

Ginger Blue sired purebred and halfbred foals in the northwest. Among them Ros Na Ri Kilcullen, standing in Pocatello, Idaho at Knox Farm, is a promising young athlete who will surely carry on Ginger Blue's performance tradition. A 1995 colt, Ros Na Ri Muldoon, will remain at Ros Na Ri as solid evidence of the years Tre Awain Ginger Blue spent in northwest Washington.


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