Winner of the An Tostal Trophy, 1988

by Catherine Mack (article from the American Connemara magazine)


Aladdin is the King Arthur of the Pony World. As he walks, trumpets blare and banners flutter. He embodies kindness and calm. He is the Champion of the Connemara Pony World in Virginia, as much so now as when he was younger. For fourteen years Aladdin has taken me foxhunting, trail riding and eventing. He has carried me to the ribbons in local hunter shows, dressage shows and western shows. He has given lessons and played games. He has gone everywhere and done everything with such courage and flair that literally hundreds of people have asked about the breed. Ten years ago ago rarely saw a stallion out competing in public. Aladdin was an oddity, first regarded with suspicion, but quickly welcomed with open arms when people realized this was a special stallion, one with exemplary manners and unusual talent. It would be fair to say Aladdin singlehandedly brought the Connemara Pony in Region III to the popular spot in the sun it now enjoys. Every place Aladdin has gone, he has impressed and inspired people. He has been the best of Traveling Salesman. He also inspired me and showed me what a greatly talented all-round horse the Connemara Pony is. Everything I know about riding, I learned from this horse. His generosity knows no limits. Without benefit of professional training and with the handicap of having as a rider a middle-aged housewife, Aladdin has placed in every Horse Trial he has entered (Novice to Training Level). He has finished every Competitive Trail Ride (15 - 50 miles). He has won over 100 ribbons at shows, and as a youngster won a Championship Cow Pony title. The year Aladdin stood in Kentucky and had a knowledgeable rider, he was Champion or Reserve at every show he entered, and campaigned the entire summer. Aladdin has competed in Connemara Shows as well as in the general horse world. He has been Champion Stallion in Region III as well as Champions Stallion at Woodstock, Vermont. Now that he is semi-retired, Aladdin enjoys taking people trailriding and I am hoping to take him to some dressage shows and local hunt meets. Aladdin will always come first in my heart. He has proved himself a star, and I believe the time has come to send his offspring into battle in his stead. They are proving to be Performance Ponies Extraordinaire. Aladdin passes the magic. Long may he reign!

Note: Aladdin, S 308 XI, is 15.2 hands, sixteen years old stallion, owned by Catherine Mack, Middleburg, VA. Bred by Mrs. Howard Kaye, Middleburg, he was sired by Erin Laddie out of Foxridge Irish Lady.


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