Multidiscipline Lifetime Cumulative Points at recognized and unrecognized shows

  • To encourage and reward Purebred and Halfbred Connemaras for participating successfully in a variety of disciplines.
  • Certificates of Achievement, Bronze, Silver and Gold Medallions shall be awarded each year to ponies that meet the requirements for excellence in a variety of competitive and non-competitive disciplines.
  • Points in each discipline shall be accumulated over the LIFETIME of the pony, or until it receives the Award of Excellence, the final level in the program.
  • Winners shall be announced on the ACPS website and in the American Connemara Magazine.
  • Pony must be registered with the ACPS.
  • Owner must be a member of the ACPS (Rider may or may not be).
  • Achievement Awards form must be signed by the show secretary at every competition, or a signed dressage test will do. If the scores are published somewhere they can be printed/copied and attached and sent with the application
  • Points must be submitted by December 31 of the year they were earned.
  • Achievement Awards forms are sent to the Achievement Awards Leader.


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