Be sure to use the current application form. This levels the playing field and enables the
use of e-mail.

Step 1.

Be sure the pony is eligible for the *Tooreen Laddie award.
Be sure the owner is a member of the ACPS.
Fill out the application form completely.
Include a copy of his registration form
Include at least one photo of the stallion and some of his offspring.

Step 2.

THINK! Which of his characteristics have had a positive influence on the breed?
Then write what your high school English teacher called a thesis statement about
this excellence. For example:
"This stallion has a marvelous temperament and was always a willing partner in
many disciplines. His offspring have made their own marks in many disciplines."
"This stallion has sired many typey Connemaras in all parts of the US."

Step 3

Support this statement with examples of three purebred ponies in two or
three generations reflect this positive influence.

Available help.

Marynell Eyles can give you the number of foals in each generation,
The Over-all Awards Chairs or Selection Committee Leader are glad to help you.

Be sure to send in your application to the Committee Leader by July 1 by e-mail or
regular mail. This deadline is never influenced by a later date for the Annual Meeting,
as this is a lifetime award and is not dependent on current activity.

Be prepared to be patient. Many highly qualified candidates do not win the first year.

Features of weak applications:

1) Incomplete facts about the pony, sire, dam, breeder etc
2) No copy of the registration
3) USEF computer printouts of a long list his get. What is the quality?
4) A beautiful photo album. How can get we this to the Selection Committee?
5) Lengthy rambling paragraphs with little focus. We need specifics.
6) Arriving after the deadline.


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