Step 1

Be sure the pony is eligible for the Camlin.
Be sure the owner is a member of the ACPS
Fill out the application form.
Include a copy of his/her ACPS registration form.
Include several photos of the mare or gelding.

Step 2 THINK

What are the guidelines for the Camlin Award?
The pony should be outstanding in one discipline or good in several.
Emphasis is placed on qualities of durability and excellence.
Results in nationally Recognized competition take precedence over a
quantity of awards in local competition.
Non-competitive activities do not count.
What has the pony achieved under meet these guidelines?
Write what your high school English teacher called a thesis statement about his
achievements under the guidelines. For example:
“This pony has competed successfully for ten years in Recognized pony hunter
divisions from Missouri to Florida. She has won top awards including the Clifden”
“This pony is an all-round athlete. He has competed in Recognized competition in
driving, competitive trail and jumper classes on the west coast.”


Support this statement with a list of some specific examples over the years that
you can recall. By specifics we mean the name, year, month and place of a
competition, and if it is Recognized. Include the placement and level (if
applicable). It helps to list Recognized competitions separately. Be specific about
results that earned Achievement Awards as these themselves do not help us.
Limit the list to one page, if possible, using the most significant accomplishments
that you can recall. It helps to list Recognized competitions separately

Step 4. SEND your application to the Committee Leader by July 1.

You can use e-mail or regular mail. The deadline is never influenced by a later
date for the Annual Meeting as this is a lifetime award and not dependent on
current activity.

Be prepared to be patient. Some outstanding candidates do not get chosen the first year.

Questions? Contact the Selection Committee Chair or one of the Over-All Chairs.

Features of unacceptable application:

 Incomplete facts about the pony, dam, breeder, etc
 No copy of the registration
 A beautiful photo album. Cannot be sent to the Selection Committee!
 Lengthy rambling paragraphs. We need specifics.
 Arrives after the deadline.


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