crestwood marilyncheekMarilyn Z. Cheek
Marilyn Cheek of Sycamore Ridge Farm is the deserving winner of the 2018 Crestwood Service Award. As a long-term breeder of purebred and half bred Connemara's, Marilyn has made sure Connemaras have gained recognition in open and Connemara competitions. Marilyn finds and encourages talented junior riders to show the ponies. In doing so, she supports both the young riders and the ponies while bringing along a new generation of Connemara enthusiasts. She is often seen behind the scenes as a volunteer and supporter at Connemara shows and activities. On a national level, Marilyn chairs the ACPS Awards Committee sustaining a diverse program of Connemara recognition and achievement.

Oustanding Member Services

  • Donated by Catherine Mack and Sue Smith in 1987 in memory of Ann Gascoyne
  • Awarded to honor a person's unselfish love, dedication, and long term service on the behalf of the Connemara
  • Must have been a member of the ACPS for 10 years
  • Given to individuals who spend a lot of time and energy promoting the Connemara
  • Recipient selected by August 1 and notified in early August


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