PB Connemara Mare
CH: Oakfields Jade/Susan McConnel RES: Tower Hill’s Breeze/Sally Oxnard

PB Connemara Stallion or Gelding
CH: S.R. Irish Envoy/Marilyn Cheek RES: Oakfields Carnelian/Barbara Sharp

PB Connemara Hunter
CH: S.R. Irish Envoy/Marilyn Cheek RES: Oakfields Lilianne/Jennifer Daly

HB Connemara Hunter 
CH: Prize/Jennifer Daly RES: S.R. Easter Lily/Petrina Thomas

PB Connemara Dressage
CH: Penny Lane/Amy Marrich RES: Brambleridge Capability Brown/Anne Ranson

Halfbred Connemara Dressage
CH: TBF Triton’s Rauri/Gretje Witt RES: Kynynmont Gunsmoke’s Gideon/Pam Liddell

PB Connemara Eventing
CH: Hideaway’s Special Delivery/Cathy Blackmon RES: Northern Victory/Charlotte Zovighian

Halfbred Connemara Eventing
CH: Treetop Flyer/Helen Helton RES: Orion’s Sweet Rubio/Haley Turner

PB Connemara Jumper (open)
CH: SkyMiles/Hallie Rush RES: Rosscon Mr. Whatson/Taylor Deane

Halfbred Connemara Jumper (open)
CH: Spoot de la Jourlais/Tabitha Okitsu RES: HC Celtic Mark/Donna Miller
Halfbred Connemara Hunter (open)
CH: Radiance/Allison Coleman RES: Prize/Jennifer Daly


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