Purebred and Halfbred winners at Beginner Novice through Advanced

Beginner Novice
Balmullo’s Catfish by Seven Hills Grey Ghost x Tullymors Shandora, Owner/Rider Briana Stolley
Halfbred Indian Summer Sage by Aladdins Denver x Auntie Margaret, Owner Elizabeth Mackie

Purebred Hideaway’s Special Delivery by Greystone Dallen McMor x Hideaway’s Celebration,Owner/Rider Cathy Blackmon
Halfbred Labras Leannon by* HayseldonPerseus x Laurel, Owner/Rider Jennifer Garutti

Purebred Indian Summer Kaylee by Kerrymor Madison x Beacons Piper, Owner/Rider Colette Leber
Halfbred Ganymede by Ballywhim AnLuan x Court Hawk, Owner/Rider Megan Pellegrini

Purebred Wil’Ya Love Me by Grange Finn Sparrow x Lady Doreen, Owner Courtney Sendak
Halfbred Rochambeau by Aladdin’s Denver x TB, Owner/Rider Sue Jellum

Halfbred Zaboomafoo by Gunsmoke x TB, Owner/Rider Anna Stein

Halfbred Sparrow’s Nio by Grange Finn Sparrow x TB, Owner/Rider Allie Sacksen



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