2018 Montully Man, 14 hand, 1958 dappled grey stallion(Tully Lad x Tooreen Pet (Tooreen Laddie) ), bred by imported from Ireland by Rose Hill Farm, owned by May Medley, Cedar Bluff, Alabama
2017 *ArdCeltic Art  2003 grey (Monaghanstown Fionn x Moydow Lady (Murphy Rebel)) owner/rider Donna Miller 
2016 *Canal Laurinston  1990 14.3 1/2 grey (Callowfeenish Martin x *Village Laura) Owned by Joan Webster, Napa CA
2015 Aladdin's Denver (Aladdin x Tre Awain Cricket Song) Bred by Catherine Mack of Aladdin Connemaras and owned by Ridgetop Connemaras
2014 Tre Awain Dobh McDuff 1988 14.1H Black S (Tre Awain Ginger Blue x Tre Awain Rosin Dobh x Clonkeehan Bowman) Bred by Three Creek Farm and owned by Ginny and Joe Winkler, Journey’s End Farm, Gardiner, NY
2013 Blue Ridge Jubal Early 1974 Grey S ( Fox Ridge Starlight Texas Hope [ x Rambling Alone] x Whitewood Irish Eve [Tully Nigger x *Winter Mollie)]bred by owned by Katherine Wilkins, Blue Ridge Farm, Upperville, VA
2012 Ballinaboy Eamonn (Loobeen Larry x Ocean Bambi)Bred by Lt Col AJ Morris, owned by Maureen Loughman Abel
2011 Greystone McErrill, 14.2 h bay, (Hideaways Gresytone Alex x Erin's Lassie), bred by Marianne Alexander and he was Life-Leased by Mary Lou Thall of Triple Creek Farm in West Winfield, NY.
2010 Concord River Roaringwater Bay, 14.2 h bay, (Whitewood Galway Bay x Lynnfield's Proud Hope), bred by Rachel Page Eliot and Elizabeth Platais and owned by Donna Duckworth of Balmullo Farm in Alachua, FL and Richmond, VA.
2009 Aladdin, 15 h grey, (Erin Laddie x Fox Ridge Irish Lady), bred by Nathalie Kaye and owned by Catherine Mack of Aladdin Connemaras in Middleburg, VA.
2008 *Grange Finn Sparrow (Coosheen Finn x Dun Sparrow) bred in Ireland by Lady Maria Levinge, owned by Willy Leahy of Ireland, and leased by Jennifer (Tootie) Jones, WVA
2007 Springledge Bantry Bay owned by Candy Verhulst, MA
2006 Greystone Dallen McMor, 14.3h bay (Greystone McErill x Hideaway's Smitheranne), bred by Fred Hallett, owned by Leslie Presson, NC.
2005 *Chiltern Colm, 14h dun, (Corrib x Chiltern Gazelle), owned by Caroline Nesbitt, NH.
2004 Lynfield's Kiltuck, 14.1h brown, (*Texas Hope x Round Robin's Easter Bonnet) owned by Joan McKenna, MO.
2003 *Chiltern Copa of Tower Hill, 14.2h grey, (*Chiltern Curlew x *Common Market), owned by Mary Rutter, Tower Hill Farm, VT.
2002 Lynfield's Cormac McCarthy, 14.3h bay, (*Texas Hope x Morning Dew), bred by Dr. and Mrs. James Bailey, NH, owned by Avilion Farm, Alberta, Canada.
2001 Not presented
2000 Not presented
1999 Not presented
1998 Erin Laddie, 14.3h grey, (*Tooreen Laddie x Erin Bay), bred by Ed and Jackie Harris, NY, owned by Blue Ridge Farm, VA.
1997 Tourbillon, 14h grey, (*Tooreen Laddie x Miss Murvey), bred by Mrs. Bruce Read, VT, owned by Three Creek Farm, MO.
1996 Fox Ridge Starlight, 14.2h bay, (*Texas Hope x Rambling Alone), bred by William Dolph, owned by Gilnocky Farm, VT.
1995 Tre Awain Roderick O'Conor, 14.1h dun, (MacDara x *Lonely Cottage), bred by Three Creek Farm, MO, owned by Three Creek Farm.
1994 An Tostal, 13.2+h grey, (*Tooreen Laddie x *Claire Dun), bred by Mrs. Bruce Read, VT, owned by Charlotte Read, VT.
1993 *Texas Hope, 14.1h bay, (Little Heaven x Knock Molly), bred by Colman Keane, owned by Lynfield Farm, VT.
1992 Whitewood Galway Bay, 14h bay, (Clonkeehan Auratum x *Keane's Selection), bred by Miss Lee Norman, owned by Tower Hill Farm, VT.


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