2018 Ridgetop Cady O'Daly14.1  grey mare (Aladdin's Denver x Blue Hill's Egan), Bred by Marynell Eyles, Owned by Alicia and Emily Daily, Cady O'Daly Farm, Goode VA 
2017 Hideaway's Playboy (Hideaway's Erin Smithereen x Hideaway's Centerfold) Bred by Hideaway Farm, owned by Steven Read and ridden by Bekki Read.  
2016 Shammer Jake 14.3 Grey (*Ballinaboy Eamonn x *Grange Diedre Sparrow) Bred by Tir N'Og Farm
2015 Shammer Jake 14.3 Grey (*Ballinaboy Eamonn x *Grange Diedre Sparrow) Bred by Tir N'Og Farm
2014 Tower Hills Darby Dun (*Chiltern Copa of Tower Hill x Tower Hill’s Killaire) Bred by Mary & Rogers Rutter of Tower Hill Farm, owned by Stacey Taylor
2013 Hideaway's Special Delivery, 1995 Grey (Greystone Dallen McMor x Hideaway's Celebration). Bred by Jackie Harris owned and ridden by Cathy Blackmon, Hillsborough, NC
2012 Windy Hollow Lilia (Seaborne's Flagship x HH Greystone's Irish Wind) Bred by Marianne Alexander, owned and ridden by Katherine Short
2011 Tower Hill's Ballan 1990 brown PB Connemara gelding, (*Chiltern Copa of Tower Hill, x Tower Hill's Killaire) (Whitewood Galway Bay). Owner/ rider Connie Wilson, Breeder Mary and Rogers Rutter
2010 not awarded
2009 Shammer Sandman, 15.2 h gray (*Ballinaboy Eamon x Grange Dierdre Sparrow), bred by Maureen Loughman Abel of Tir na n'Og Ranch, Okeechobee, Fl, and owned by Michael and Mary Beth Fleming of Carmel, IN.
2008 Seaborne's Navigator (GF Sparrow x Hideaway's Greystone Cover Girl) bred by Denise Hill, Seaborne Farm and owned by Amanda Cohen of Cleveland, OH.
2007 Not presented
2006 Ballywhim Merriane, 14.1+h bay mare, (Dallen McMor of Greystone x Hideaway's Legacy), bred by Ballywhim Farm, owned by Barb and Haley Jacobi, AZ.
2005 Kerrymor's Autumn Hope, 13.1h dark brown mare, (*Texas Hope x Round Robin's Easter Bonnet), bred by Joan McKenna, MO, owned by Michelle Haas, MO.
2004 Lynfield's Patrick, 15.1h bay gelding, (*Texas Hope x Morning Dew), bred by Mary Bailey Astle, owned by Susan Houle, VT.
2003 Aladdin's Alaska, 14.2h grey gelding, (Aladdin x Far Above's Katherine), bred by Catherine Mack, VA, owned by Alice Laimbeer, VA,
2002 Erin Casco Bay, 15.1h bay gelding, (Hideaway's Erin Smithereen x Hideaway's Hunky Dory), bred by Pat Lightbody, OH, owned by Pat Lightbody and Gretchen Singleton, OH.
2001 RBR Miss Patrice, 13h bay mare, (RBR Playboy x RBR Georgia Lady), bred by D. S. Warner,CA, owned by Joan Ervin, CA.
2000 Bar Bar A's Kilkerrin Duffy, 14.2h grey gelding, (Bar Bar A's Kilkerrin Paddy x *Cregs Winter), bred by Dorothy Lyons, CA, owned by Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Blaha, AZ.
1999 Not presented
1998 Big Bear's Katie O'Hara, 14.2h bay mare, (Foxglove Malarkey x Bar Bar A's Malarkey), bred by Margaret Gamlin, AR, owned by Duke Horder, FL.
1997 Tower Hills Wizard of Oz, 14.3 grey gelding, (*Chiltern Copa of Tower Hill x Spring Ledge Dublin Lass), bred by Mary and Rogers Rutter, VT, owned by Samantha Maley, VA.
1996 Shamus, 14.3h grey gelding, (Fox Ridge Star Boy x Carna Lass), bred by Mr. G. A. White, MA, owned by Kathleen and Samantha Williams, VA.
1995 Balius Kerry Blue, 14.1h grey mare, (Gilnocky Drumcliffe x Polaris Suzanne), bred by Sally Green, NM, owned by Lee Webster, CA.
1994 Ferdinand's Roxana, 14.1h dun mare, (Gilnocky Drumcliffe x RBR Georgiana), bred by Sally Stuart, CA, and Catherine Mack, VA, owned by June Ruhsam, VA.
1993 Cricket's Dew Butterfly, 14.1h grey mare, (*Jiminey Cricket x *Mountain Dew), bred by Mrs. Mary Lile, WA, owned by Katie Stuart, CA.
1992 Hideaway's Hustler, 14.2h bay stallion, (Hideaway's Erin Srnithereen x Hideaway's Centerfold), bred by Ed and Jackie Harris, NY, owned by Kathy Lucas, CA.
1991 Blue Ridge Tiger, 15.1h roan gelding, (Blue Ridge Jubal Early x Pamunkey), bred by Blue Ridge Farm, VA, owned by Pat and Judy Brescia, VA.
1989 Orphan's Hope, 14+h dark dun mare, (*Texas Hope x Orphan Grey), bred by Polaris Farm, VA, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Winston Sheppard, PA.
1989 Castletown Princess, 14.2h dark dun mare, (MacDara x Black Rover), bred by Peter Mannion, Ireland, owned by Frank and Doris Fee, NY.
1988 Another Notch, 14h grey mare, (Georgia's Mr. Irish x Smokey McGilly), bred by R. Wright, GA, owned by the Williams Family, VA.
1987 Bar Bar A's Winter Star, 14.2h grey gelding, (Bar Bar A's Kilkerrin Paddy x *Creg's Winter Dame), bred by Dorothy Lyons, CA, owned by Jennifer Bradpiece,CA.
1986 Tre Awain Irish Dancer, 15.2h grey gelding, (Tre Awain Cricket Rebel x *Orphan Cream), bred by Mrs. D. J. Moore, MO, owned by Mrs. Corwith Hamill, IL.
1985 Mount View Paddy, bay gelding, (Carna Dun x *Lovely Lormount), bred by L. MacLaughlin, owned by Mr. and Mrs. J. LaCroix, Canada, shown by Karen and Brian LaCroix.
1984 Custusha's Cashel Rock, 14.3h dun stallion, (*Texas Hope x Spring Ledge Taffy), bred by Custusha Farm, owned by Mel and Helen King, WA.
1983 Avenns Golden Ruby, 13.2h dun mare, (*Ruta Raitni x *Ciotog), bred by Dr. T. A. O'Halloran, Ireland, owned by Melanie Jacobi, Alberta, Canada.
1982 Spring Ledge Irish Whiskey,14h bay stallion, (Spring Ledge Bantry Bay x *Dublin Grey), bred by Spring Ledge Farm, NH, owned by Dr. Marian Molthan, AZ.
1981 Red Ridge Super Star, 13.1h brown mare, (*Texas Hope x *Bo Peep), bred by Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Beatty, CT, owned by Charlene O'Neil, CA.
1980 Round Robin's Indestructible, 13.1h grey gelding, (An Tostal x Sun Cloud), bred by Mrs. Bruce Read, VT, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Heekin, IN.
1979 Not presented
1978 Erin's Shamrock, 14.1h grey gelding, (*Tooreen Laddie x *Erin Bay), bred by Hideaway Farm, owned and ridden by Karen Lende (now O'Connor), VA.
1977 Spring Ledge Bridgette, 13.2h dun mare, (Whitewood Galway Bay x Whitewood Good Friday), bred by Mrs. William Clough, owned by Dorothy Lyons, CA.


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