2018 Cedar's Kiss me Kate14,2 ½ hand 1996 bay mare, (Tre Awain Irish Sweeps x Hillside Elizabeth), bred by Eileen Berkley, Salina KS, owned by Nancy Bigelow, Lemont IL
2017 Tricreek Greystone Laughlin (Greystone McErrill x Wise Precept (TB) 
2016 Sparrow's Owen ( *Grange Finn Sparrow x Savings Carrie)Owned and ridden by Megan Harris
2015 Orion's Dunaire, 14.1 h grey gelding ( Skyview Orion x Sweet Harmony) owned and loved by Lee Thomas
2014 Gaelic Holiday 15.2h bay M (Hideaway’s Erin Go Bragh x Vacation Fun [TB]) Bred and owned by Lynn Blades, ridden by Carol Kozlowski
2013 – not awarded
2012 Bantry Bay's Devon (Springledge Bantry Bay x Happy Talk –TB) Bred by Candy Verhulst, owned by Eliza Farren
2011 Take Time, 16.3 h bay gelding (Hideaway's Erin Go Bragh x Vacation Fun), bred and owned by Lynn Blades Arkport, NY.
2010 Indecent Proposal, (Greystone Ian McVai x Gossip (TB)), bred by Elayne Knight owned by Dawn and Andrew Weniger, Firstview Farm, Apex, NC.
2009 Tre Awain Centrix, (Tre Awain Roderick O'Connor X Easter Bunny (TB)), bred by Three Creek Farm, St. Louis, MO, and owned by Mary Zell, St. Louis, MO
2008 Ridgetop Ringdancer (Aladdin's Denver x Flossie's Turn) bred by Walter and Marynell Eyles Top O' The Ridge Farm and owned by Debbie and Michael Busta, Corner Creek Farm, Fairlawn, OH.
2007 C.K.C. Katie, 15.1 bay mare (Hideaway's Erin Go Bragh x Feather in My Cap (TB)), bred by Carol Coyne, NY, owned and ridden by Carolyn McEvitt, CT.
2006 Hideaway's Flicker, 15.2h grey gelding, (Hideaway's Erin Smithereen x TB), bred by Carolyn Kissell, NY, owned and ridden by Kathy O'Hara Mathers, VA.
2005 Hideaway's Cracker Jack, 16h grey gelding, (Hideaway's Erin Smithereen x Frisk (TB)), bred by Hideaway Farm, NY, owned by Robyn Fillman, OH.
2004 Funny Farm's Dutch Sparrow, 15.1h dun gelding, (*Grange Finn Sparrow x Dutch Trim (TB)), bred by Harry DeLeyer, NY, owned by Kathy and Samantha Williams, VA.
2003 C.K. Emily Grey, 15h roan mare, (Hideaway's Erin Smithereen x Genesee Star (TB)), bred by Carol Coyne, NY, owned by Dawn Weniger, NC.
2002 Black Points Tilly Go Bragh, 15.2+h bay mare, (Hideaway's Erin Go-Bragh x Ristic Skipper (TB)), bred and owned by Mary Delton, NY, ridden by John Williams.
2001 Not presented
2000 Not presented
1999 McCardon's Kilkerrin Concorde, 14.1h bay mare, (Bar Bar A's Kilkerrin Paddy x McCardo's Pretty Me (Appaloosa)), bred and owned by Ellicott Million, CA.
1998 Not presented
1997 Syzygy (St Finbar), 15.2 grey/dun (Face East (TB) x *Dairina), bred by Mrs. R. Sayre, MD, owned by Jim Gornall, MA.
1996 Tre Awain Waterford, 16.1h grey gelding, (Tre Awain Roderick O'Conor x Florida (TB)) bred by Three Creek Farm, MO, owned and ridden by Nancy Winter, IL.
1995 Balmullo's Amazing Grace, 14.2h grey mare, (SY-A (TB) x Rose Hill's Glenconi), bred by Donna Duckworth, FL, owned by Katherine Leigh Harper, GA.
1994 Dun Laddin, 16.1h grey gelding, (Aladdin x Larque (TB Clyde)), bred by Marynell Eyles, VA, owned and driven by Lorraine Tilney, NH.
1993 Last Scene, 14.2h grey gelding, (Night Before Last (TB) x Tully Roblassie), bred by Mrs. Robert Whitehurst, owned by Peg Whitehurst, AL, ridden by Lendon Grey.
1992 Gilnocky Soul on Ice, 15.3h grey gelding, (Fox Ridge Star Light x Rip Time (TB)) bred by Gilnocky Farm, VT, owned by Pam Schwarz, LA.
1991 Hideaway's Dividend, 14.1h grey gelding, (Hideaway's Erin Smithereen x Marletta (TB)), bred by Hideaway Farm, NY, owned by Susan Foryt (now Arney), NY.
1990 Tre Awain's Red Rocker, 16.1h gelding, (Tre Awain Roderick O'Conor x Shining Nob (TB)) bred by Three Creek Farm, MO, owned by Max Riter.
1989 Ramblin Rose Honora, copper dun mare, (Norothan (TB) x Clynagh Rose's Tulip), bred by Margaret Barisone, NY, owned and ridden by Linda Pearsall, NY.
1988 Greystone Billy Moon and Greystone Sir Oliver, 14.1h and I5h bay geldings, (Hideaway's Greystone Alex x Greystone Lady (TB)), bred by Marriane Alexander, NY, owned and driven by Lana DuPont Wright, MD.
1987 Shadyridge Rosemont's Colleen, 15h bay mare, (Poppa Grande (TB) x Round Robin's Rosemont), bred by Ulla-Britt Ekengren, MA, owned by Elizabeth Platais, ridden by Cindy and Rachael Platais.
1986 Not presented
1985 Seldom Seen, 14.2h grey gelding, (Mitipo (TB) x Tarsown Tully), bred and owned by Kim Whitehurst, AL, ridden by Lendon Grey.
1984 Tre Awain Belfast, 16h dun gelding, (Tre Awain Roderick O'Conor x Flair (TB)) bred by Mrs. Walter Moore, MO, owned by Nancy Winter, IL.


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