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Fantasias Emerald – Connemara Cross

Fantasias Emerald


Somehow this stunning lady is still in my barn, and with next years batch of babies right around the corner? I need to get serious about moving her along…

Fantasias Emerald (Esme) is an incredible yearling, 1/2 connemara, 1/4 trak and 1/4 tb. She has all the beauty and talent of all the breeds and is going to be a big girl! She’s string testing to 16.2+ and is currently 14.3 at the wither and 15 at the rump. Her pedigree is loaded with Eventing talent through 3* and advanced, this girl is bred to do it all the way-or to be an incredible partner and friend at the lower levels. She’s got the brain for a wonderful Ammy horse.

She won the FEH here at the Vista on 82% with lovely remarks on her build, temperament and confirmation. She has also been to a breed show and stabled off property overnight, we try to get them all the experience!

Esme loads, ties, bathes, stands well for farrier and vet and is extremely personable and intelligent. She loves to please and has a very curious and kind personality. She also enjoys going off property and walking over logs, water, ditches and banks. Very brave and self assured and has been on a couple trail rides ponying off her friends. She’s been ponied in town past construction, vehicles, baby strollers and all of life. Only concern is when she sees people walking she really thinks they should have a cookie for her and wants to stop and say hi! 😂

She is starting to longe, has worn surcingles and bridles like a doll. I can bridle her with no halter, completely loose in the field. She really enjoys her time with a human and learning-very smart, picks things up quickly and doesn’t forget them.

She’s extraordinarily kind and is one of the first to get to the fence if she thinks you might stop for a pet or a cookie.

This filly is not one to miss, and if I could keep her-I would in a heart beat! She is going to take someone quite far. A phenomenal home is an absolute must, she deserves only the best. Price in the low 5s with a 1 in front. I will be offering a discount til her next show in a few weeks, after which her price will go up!





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