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Jordyn Tietz & Ryleyspence

Ryleyspence turned 17 this summer, but you’d never know it from his attitude when he sees jumps to be jumped.  He’s won more than 20 show jumping championships, many regional awards, and was the 2016 USEF Half-bred Connemara jumper Horse of the Year.

But this year Ryley tried something new. I heard that a good friend at the barn’s daughter, a high school senior, wouldn’t be able to compete in jumping in her final year for Oregon High School Equestrian Team because her horse had gone lame. Knowing what a happy, reliable jumper Ryleyspence is, I loaned him to her for the high school meets. They practiced and made plans to travel to the meets around the state.

They formed a great partnership and the pair competed all season together.  Ryleyspence and Jordyn Tietz (pictured) eventually won first place in the state of Oregon in Hunt Seat Over Fences. Of course, they did — Connemaras do it all!!

Bridget Barton, (proud owner)

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