Farm Registration (Printable form): $100 DNA Test Kit $40 Name Change: $100 – Registered farm prefixes must be retained with the name Extended Pedigree: $20 Duplicate Certificate: $50 – Certificates issued only to last recorded owner Stud Books XXX-XXXII: $15 each Stud Book I-XXX (1-30): $60 Stud Books XXX-XXXII: $15 each Stud Book I-XXX (1-30): $60


ACPS Registration

For registration questions, contact Marynell Eyles, ACPS Secretary at

Checks should be made payable to "ACPS" (US Funds)

Mail to:
Secretary, Marynell Eyles, ACPS Secretary
PO Box 100
Middlebrook, VA 24459 
Phone: (540) 886-2239 FAX: 540-722-2277


After you have joined ACPS, you may register and log in as a member to access the Members Only site which includes the directory.

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