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Ryder Richardson Wins 2022 USEF Youth Sportsman’s Award

ryder richardson and RR Cool Play

The American Connemara Pony Society is honored and pleased to announce that our own Ryder Richardson was nominated by the Society as our candidate for the USEF Youth Sportsman Award.  Our participation in this grant program of the USEF benefits all our junior members as the USEF provides a $1500 grant that is 100% committed to the ACPS Youth Scholarships given annually.  This is a prestigious award, as all affiliates of the USEF nominate candidates, therefore this is a very competitive group of juniors!  Please take time to read the USEF announcement.  Ryder and his halfbred Connemara, RR Cool Play have stunned the jumper world with their athleticism and way of going.  But oh so more is the unique relationship and partnership these two have is what we all know and love about our Connemara Pony!!  Ryder and RR Cool Play are best friends. CONGRATULATIONS RYDER AND RR COOL PLAY!!!!! Here is a youtube link of the pair in action.  

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