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USEF COVID-19 Good Practices

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USEF’s Key contacts for questions, inquiries, & show hosting questions:

Competitions Dept. – Katlynn Sacco,

Compliance Dept. – Debbie Saliling,

Some meeting points:

  1. USEF really wants to set a good example for all sports. Each show host must follow & have participants follow the Federal, State, & Local laws for COVID19. These laws supersede USEF rules.
  2. No spectators are allowed at shows.
  3. Participants have to sign off on exposure risks. Participants may bring their trainer, groom, & 1 family member. The limit is 1-3 people per participant.
  4. Show staff members are to wear masks & temperatures will be taken.
  5. Supplies are required to clean & wipe everything down. Stalls, doors, jumps, gates, frequently touched areas, etc.
  6. Entries are all electronic. Specified ride times are to be given to each participant.
  7. Overall, people being accountable for themselves, to watch out for others, & safely following all the social distancing rules.

USEF guidelines will continue to change as we learn more & they will continue to follow laws per each State.

Everyone, please stay safe!

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