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Winter BOG Meeting 2023

The Meeting will be held in person in Lexington Kentucky in conjunction with the USEF Annual Meeting. Our Board of Governors will meet on January 14 at 10 a.m. We have members trying to arrange for some Zoom availability, but as of this moment, we do not have that capability. We will offer a call-in option to the meeting. To can get more information on the call-in, contact our secretary, Kathy Nebel or our president, Linda Haines.

A highlight of meeting with the USEF is to congratulate our Connemara superstars. This year, Ryder Richardson, ACPS Junior member is being honored at the Pegasus Banquet on January 12th. We also have a full complement of Horse of the Year (HOTY) winners for the Saturday evening celebration. Check out the USEF website for details on the receptions and dinners.

We hope to see as many of our hard-working BOG at the meeting as possible. ACPS members are welcome at the meeting as well. Meeting registration is on the USEF website.

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