Gloria LaCroix

Gloria LaCroix’s first Connemara was a mare Tre Awain Periwinkle. It all started in 1993, with a visit to Laura Balding and Three Creek Farm in St. Charles, MO. “Peri”,…

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Virginia Winkler

Ginny Winkler discovered Connemara ponies when she met her son’s Pony Club instructor Melanie, the daughter of Maryann Alexander. Ginny was looking for a stallion to breed to her Morgan…

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Fun With Pony Award Winner: Neala

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Gately's Neala Finch2013 Grey MareSire: Grange FinchDam: Castle MarilynOwner: Katherine ForesterNeala is amazing. She is so fun to play with, and wonderful to ride. We try to ride at least…

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