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Gloria LaCroix

ACPS Inspector Gloria Lacroix

Gloria LaCroix’s first Connemara was a mare Tre Awain Periwinkle. It all started in 1993, with a visit to Laura Balding and Three Creek Farm in St. Charles, MO. “Peri”, just a foal at the time, came home to live with Gloria and her late husband John. Her love of Connemara ponies coincided with her lifelong interest in movement and movement disorders in both people and animals. By focusing on movement and how the moving parts all come together to create the end result.

Gloria has studied many ponies, equines and dogs in her quest to dig deeper into the subject of movement. Her breeding program’s focus has been to produce ponies that can meet the demands of sport and provide companionship to their owners.

Gloria has bred, showed and Judged Gordon Setter dogs, as well as other breeds over the years. A strong background in special education of young children and adults, focusing on movement disorders and developmental disabilities, has proved to be a great one when looking at ponies and their movement.

Serving as an ACPS Inspector, Gloria loves meeting pony owners and their ponies, as well as having the opportunity to share insights with the owners as to why their ponies move the way they do.

Outside of ponies, Gloria is a massage therapist and Craniosacral practitioner, one who is interested in “restructuring” or putting things back to where they belong.

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