About Connemara Registration

The ACPS maintains Stud Books for registry of purebred and half-bred Connemara foals born in the United States, as well as a Connemara Sport Horse Registry for part-bred Connemaras.

Registration Requirements



Sport Horses

Breeding Stallions

Imported Stallions

Breeding Mares

Registered Names

Breeding Requirements

The Breeder of Record is the person who owns the mare at the time of service. If a mare is being leased for breeding, the person leasing the mare is listed as the breeder.

Artificial Insemination

Live Cover

Semen Collection

Embryo Transplant

Registration Checklist

To make sure your application is ready to process, the following should be in order:

Pay to:
American Connemara Pony Society
PO Box 100, Middlebrook, VA 24459

Temporary Foal Certificate




Within 6 Months of Foaling

  • Members $85
  • Non-Members $170

Over 6 Months to 2 Years

  • Members $100
  • Non-Members $200

Permanent Registration


Use the TFC application form and check the box “Permanent without TFC.”

Includes the inability to provide the required paperwork due to:

  1. Death or incapacity of a required signer
  2. Inability to locate a required signer

Proof of parentage will not be waived. You must make a diligent effort to locate the required signer and disclose their process and findings to the Board of Directors.


Over 3 Years (without TFC)

  • Members $150
  • Non-Members $300

Stallions at Age 3

Must have a Veterinary Inspection Form completed by a Veterinarian certifying there are no unacceptable inheritable traits.

  • Members $250
  • Non-Members $500

Farm Registration

Records and protects farm prefix.



  • Members $100
  • Non-Members N/A

Ownership Transfer


Imported Transfers

Under 1 Year Old

Over 2 Years Old


Within 30 Days of Sale

  • Members $30
  • Non-Members $60

After 30 Days of Sale

  • Members $35
  • Non-Members $70

Imported Connemaras

  • Members $30
  • Non-Members $60

Other Fees

Name Change

No form, send original papers. Registered farm prefixes must be retained with the name.

  • Members $100
  • Non-Members $200

Duplicate Certificate

Issued only to last recorded owner or to person who can provide bills of sale/paper trail of ownership.

  • Members $50
  • Non-Members $100


  • Members $10
  • Non-Members $20


  • DNA Test Kit $40
  • Extended Pedigree $20

Stud Books

  • XXX - XXXII $15
  • I - XXX $60

Questions about registration?