Digital Library Announcement

Digital Library Announcement

ACPS digital library book Turning the Pages A Memoirby Pat Lyne

The American Connemara Pony Society Announces the beginning of a digital lending library for books about Connemara ponies.

The first two books, Shrouded in Mist and Turning the Pages, both by Pat Lyne, have been digitized and are available to read/borrow online through Internet Archives. First the books were donated to ACPS by Caroline Nesbitt, then they were sponsored by Linda Haines so they could be digitized. Then they were sent to Internet Archives to digitize and make available as part of our Connemara Collection.

Two new books have been added to our library; Seahorses: Connemara And Its Ponies by Stephanie Brooks with Karen Mannion, and Out of the Mist by Pat Lyne, both were donated by June Heilman.

We would like to expand the Collection and would love to have additional books donated and sponsored. Please suggest titles you would like to see and let us know if you can donate a book. We will be seeking sponsors for books as they are donated.  The out-of-print books are our first priority, including Pat’s other books, Reflections Through the Mist and Out of the Mist.  

Find the books here:

You can sign in to Internet Archives to borrow a book for an hour at a time. If no one else is waiting you can renew again and again. Let me know what you think.

Linda Haines [email protected]

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