Registration Application Instructions

Check List

To make sure your application is ready to process, the following should be in order:

  • You must provide a name with no more than 30 characters including spaces, apostrophe, farm prefix.
  • Be sure to record the foaling date
  • A stallion service certificate must be signed and must include breeding dates.
  • Both sire and dam must be Hoof Wall Separation Disease tested and the results on file with the ACPS, or attached.
  • Each foal and each adult Connemara that has not been registered before, must have DNA sample. The hair kit will be sent when application is received in ACPS office.
  • A Microchip number will be assigned when the DNA sample has been completed by the lab.
  • The Microchip will be sent with the completed registration certificate.
  • Registration fees must be attached. Checks or cash only.
    Pay to: American Connemara Pony Society
    Mail to: PO Box 100, Middlebrook, VA 24459

Registration Fees

All foals and adult Connemaras must be DNA tested before registration will be completed.

Registration fees include a DNA test, Microchip, and USEF Lifetime Number

The first step for a purebred is a Temporary Foal Certificate – good for 2 years. At age 2, the TFC is sent back to the office with color, markings, height recorded.

If registering a gelding, be sure the “’gelding” box is checked. Note date of gelding. A Permanent certificate will be issued.

Within 6 Months of Foaling

  • Members: $85
  • Non-Members: $170

Over 6 Months to 2 Years

  • Members: $100
  • Non-Members: $200

3 Years+ (without TFC)

  • Members: $150
  • Non-Members: $300

Stallions at Age 3

  • Members: $250
  • Non-Members: $500

Stallion must have a pdf Veterinary Inspection Form (153 KB) completed by a Veterinarian certifying there are no unacceptable inheritable traits.

  pdf Download Checklist & Fees (131 KB)

Sporthorse Registrations

The ACPS is now offering registration for Halfbred stallions and Connemara Sport Horses. Under the new registration rules Halfbred stallions will be permitted full registration and ¼ Connemaras, to be called Connemara Sporthorses, will be eligible for registration. Horses or ponies qualified for registration will include:

  • Halfbred stallions (must have one registered purebred parent)
  • The offspring of Halfbred Stallion x Halfbred Mare = Connemara Sport Horse (one or both parents must be registered)
  • The offspring of Halfbred Stallion or Halfbred Mare x non-Connemara = Connemara Sport Horse (the Halfbred parent must be registered)
  • The registration opportunity will end at ¼ Connemara, meaning the offspring of ¼ Connemara cannot be registered through the ACPS unless they are bred back to a registered Purebred or Halfbred Connemara.

Contact Megan Buchanan Harris for more information.

  pdf Download Form (52 KB)

Transfer Of Ownership

  • Within 30 days of sale
    Members: $30
    Non-Members: $60

  • After 30 days of sale
    Members: $35
    Non-Members: $70

The seller is responsible for completing the transfer papers and is encouraged to take out an Associate membership for the new buyer.

Transfer form is found on the reverse side of the Registration Certificate and should be sent to the office by the Seller, with the new owner's name/address/date of sale. The sale will be recorded in the database and the certificate will be sent to the new owner.

Transfer Of Imports

The seller is responsible for completing the transfer papers and is encouraged to provide an ACPS Associate membership for the buyer. Send a copy of the first page and center pages of the "Passport"or registration papers.

Members: $30
Non-Members: $60

Additional Services

  • Farm Registration
    Printable Form
    To record and protect farm prefix
    Members: $100

  • Name Change
    Registered farm prefixes must be retained with the name
    No form, send original papers
    Members: $100
    Non-Members: $200

  • Duplicate Certificate
    Certificates issued only to last recorded owner, or to person who can provide bills of sale/paper trail of ownership
    Members: $50
    Non-Members: $100

  • Extended Pedigree$20

  • DNA Test Kit : $40

  • Microchip
    Members: $10
    Non-Members: $20

  • Stud Books
    : $15/ea
    I-XXX (1-30): $60
    XXX-XXXII: $15/ea
    I-XXX (1-30): $60

ACPS Registration

For registration questions, contact Marynell Eyles, ACPS Secretary at

Checks should be made payable to "ACPS" (US Funds)

Mail to:
Secretary, Marynell Eyles, ACPS Secretary
PO Box 100
Middlebrook, VA 24459 
Phone: (540) 886-2239


After you have joined ACPS, you may register and log in as a member to access the Members Only site which includes the directory.

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