Frequently Asked Questions

Transfer of Ownership​ FAQ

No. Please do not. Fill in the blanks on the reverse side of the certificate and send the certificate to the ACPS office with the transfer fee.

$25 within 30 days of the sale or $35 after 30 days. Double for non-ACPS members.

No, the new owner gets the lifelong record of the pony’s ownership through life. One certificate per Connemara for life. And no, the new owner’s name is often NOT on the front side of the certificate. Please look at the reverse side.

The fee for a duplicate certificate is $50. The fee is sent with a letter of explanation of how the papers were mislaid/destroyed/lost.

The ACPS suggests a seller should pay for the new owner’s Associate membership as a token of “welcome” to the Society. It’s fine to include that membership payment in one check with the transfer fee.

No, not for ownership transfers.

No, the original certificate signed by the seller is required, and must be sent to the ACPS office.

Send the papers with the fee to:

PO Box 100
Middlebrook, VA 24459

It is not necessary to use certified mail. Since each pony gets one LIFETIME certificate, it’s best to send it in a large envelope instead of folding it into a business-sized envelope.

You can read through the Registration information and if you still can’t find an answer, email us at [email protected]

You can go to the Registration section on the website.

Read the registration requirements.

Use the Form called  “Import transfer into the studbook” or “Import halfbred transfer into the studbook.”