Author: Susan Jellum


USEA Pony Of The Year

Connemara Pony Stallion Coud’Poker Tartifume, ridden and owned by Donna Miller of Georgia, is crowned the 2022 Smartpak USEA Pony of the year and awarded the Theodore

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USEA 2021 Awards

Beginner Novice: Purebred Beginner Novice – Halfbred Novice: Purebred Novice Halfbred Training Purebred Training Halfbred Modified: Purebred Modified Halfbred: Preliminary Purebred: Preliminary Halfbred : Intermediate

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Purebred Connemara Mare in Hand No standings Purebred Connemara Stallion or Gelding No standings Purebred Connemara Hunter Purebred Connemara  Jumper No standings Halfbred Connemara Hunter

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