Inspection Criteria

Marks range from “Excellent” to “Not to Standard”

Mares & Geldings

Must receive marks Sufficient and above.


Must receive marks Good and above.

Nominating a Pony

Step 1

Nominate the pony using an official ACPS Nomination Form.

Step 2

Have pony examined by a licensed equine vet to rule out genetic defects and, if the pony has not been previously measured, it must also be measured by the vet. A pony may have its height recorded when it turns two. It would, then, not have to be re-measured.

Step 3

Submit your vet examination form with your nomination packet or bring it with you to the inspection.

How to Present Your Pony for Inspection

Considering an Inspection?

Contact your local Inspection Nomination Facilitator.

Most, but not all, presented ponies are found to conform to the standards and are approved. Evaluation of stallions is more stringent than for mares and geldings. Please note that if a pony cannot be safely handled, the pony will not be inspected.

Premium Mares & Stallions Program

To reward mares and stallions of exceptional quality and type.

Mare Qualifications

Stallion Qualifications

If a candidate for Premium Status was inspected and approved before they were 8 or before the initiation of the Premium mare program, the owner may pay a $100.00 fee for re-inspection. The regular ACPS Nomination Form may be used to nominate a previously-inspected mare for Premium Status.

Inspection Site Managers

Site Requirements

Inspection Tips