ACPS Awards

Purebred Connemara of the Year

Wildwych Wily Casanova

Wildwych Wily Casanova on movie set

“Sly” has been in three movies in the New Orleans area and spent hours on the set charming the staff, actors, and public. He was calmly pulling a cart, or a hearse, or standing on the side waiting for his entry. Morning, night, foggy or clear, he behaved like the perfect pony we would expect and was a wonderful ambassador for the breed. You can see him in AMC’s Interview with the Vampire series on TV now!

About the Award

Recognizes a Purebred Connemara that has done something special to attract attention to the breed, either competitively or non competitively, in the past year. Chosen by the Leaders of the Awards Subcommittees.



Deadline: August 1
Send to: Awards Chair