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Kynynmont Cooper O’Grady

Kynynmont Cooper O’Grady 2023 An Tostal Winner

The ACPS An Tostal award goes to a Purebred Stallion with an outstanding performance career who has been promoted as a Connemara stallion. The 2023 winner is Kynynmont Cooper O’Grady, a 2008 buckskin stallion, 14. 3 hands, bred and owned by Pam Liddell in Conestoga PA. He is very eye catching and has a big following in his dressage shows. Early in his career he had one season of placing first or second in 10 of the 12 classes he entered, with an average score of 73.88% and the next season he won 13 of 15 classes entered with an average score of 71.35 %. He progressed up the levels by one level every year and now is working on his upper level movements to compete at I-2  and Grand Prix. He competes at the major Northeast Region  dressage shows and has been known to lead the victory lap around the ring with a warmblood owner heard to say “ I cannot believe we were beaten by a pony”

About the Award

Recognition of a career of outstanding achievement, both competitive and noncompetitive, of a purebred Connemara stallion

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