ACPS Awards

Hall of Fame


Step 1: Collect the Pieces

  • Be sure the pony is eligible for the Broodmare award.
  • Be sure the owner is a member of the ACPS.
  • Fill out the application form completely.
  • Include a copy of her registration form
  • Include at least one photo of the mare and some of her offspring.

Step 2: Think

  • Which of her characteristics have had a positive influence on the breed?
    • Then write what your high school English teacher called a thesis statement about this excellence. For example:
      “This mare has a wonderful temperament and left three generations of beloved offspring.”
      “Molly, a dressage star, has only had time to produce five foals. They have inherited her athletic ability and heart, whether breeding stock or competitors or both.”

Step 3: Make a List

  • Support this statement with examples of three purebred ponies in each generation that reflect this positive influence.
  • Available help:
    • Marynell Eyles can give you the number of foals in each generation
    • The Over-all Awards Chairs or Selection Committee Leader are glad to help you.

Step 4: Send

  • Submit your application to the Committee Leader by July 1.
  • You can use e-mail or regular mail.
  • The deadline is never influenced by a later date for the Annual Meeting, as this is a lifetime award and not dependent on current activity.
  • Be prepared to be patient. Many highly qualified candidates do not win the first year.

Features of an unacceptable application

  • Incomplete facts about the pony, sire, dam, breeder, etc
  • No copy of the registration
  • USEF computer printouts of a long list of foals. What is the quality?
  • A beautiful photo album. Cannot be sent to the Selection Committee!
  • Lengthy rambling paragraphs. We need specifics.
  • Arrives after the deadline


Contact the Selection Committee Leader or one of the Over-All Chairs.

About the Award

Awarded to an outstanding broodmare which has had a positive influence on the breed through her offspring
Candidate must have produced at least 5 purebred or halfbred foals.

Donated By

Dr. Marian Molthan



Deadline: August 1
Send to: Awards Chair