Frequently Asked Questions

Awards​ FAQ

The pony must be registered with the ACPS. The owner or rider must be a member. The awards form must accompany the application, with a signature by the show secretary or a copy of the page where the prize or placing was listed- ACPS magazine, USEF, USDF, USEA reports etc. or online reports of the show’s official results. If it is a nationally recognized show you get more points IF the form from the show which says recognized by the USDF etc  is  included. This all must be sent to Karen Laden and postmarked BY December 31 of the report year.

Find awards forms here. There is one for Achievement Awards Competitive, (in hand, Hunter, dressage, etc) and one for NON-competitive (Foxhunting, Pony Club, Therapeutic Riding etc)

This award goes with the pony if he/she is sold- part of his or her resume! The pony can continue to accrue points with the new owner.

NO, each year is separate. Please submit entries before December 31.

You can’t. National awards are tracked and awarded by a national organization, USDF, USEF, USEA, and also recognized by the ACPS. So the pony must be registered with the USDF or the USEF, etc. with a lifetime registration. The USDF requires that you send in a copy of the pony’s papers with the All Breeds application form once. The USEF asks for breeding with sire and dam at the time of registration.

The ACPS Hall of Fame Awards are lifetime awards awarded in the fall at the ACPS Annual Meeting. They include the An Tostal which goes to a Stallion who was an outstanding performer and is 15 or over. The Tooreen Laddie which goes to a stallion who is age 15 or over or deceased and had an outstanding breeding career.  The Broodmare which goes to a mare who is age 15 or over and made an impact on the breed, the Camlin which goes to a mare or gelding who had an outstanding performance career, and the Halfbred Award which goes to a Halfbred with an outstanding performance career.

Any pony can be nominated by the owner, a friend, a fan, or the awards committee or these awards. The documentation requires some work!

Scholarships are available to further the education of ponies and/or riders.

There are Junior Scholarships which you apply for by September 1, application is on the Forms page. An Adult Scholarship is also available, application on the Forms page.

In addition, there is the Deb Busta Adult Eventing Scholarship which requires an application found on the Forms page.

Fun with Pony Award FAQ

The Fun with Pony Award was added to the ACPS Achievement Program in order to broaden the types of activities that are recognized and valued by the Society.

Members who spend a minimum of 150 hours/year being actively engaged with their pony in a variety of activities including: riding, driving, conditioning, training, groundwork and/or bonding are eligible to apply for this award

First year winners receive an official ACPS certificate of achievement with name of Pony and name of Owner. Additional years of completion qualifies the winner for bronze, silver and gold awards.

Fill out Form FO8. Photos and narrative are required, including the applicant’s estimate of hours spent in one or more of the eligible activities. This is self-reported information.

You do not need to submit your tracking data; this award is based on the honor system. Provide an estimate in the narrative on the application. You may choose any tool you want for tracking: paper calendar, phone app…whatever works for you.

FO8 can be submitted any time that the owner/pony have achieved the 150/year minimum hours of activity to:

Jen Garutti
[email protected]

Must be received before December 31.

Accordion Content

ACPS learned that those members who applied for this award appreciated being able to qualify for recognition, especially when going to organized, formal competitions were not feasible for them.

2020 Pilot Fun with Pony Achievement Award winners represented a mix of young, adult and senior Members; ponies ranged from age 8 mos. to 28 years!

The stories and photos submitted and shared provided a good mechanism to get to know each other in the Region.