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Governance​ FAQ

The best way: attend an annual meeting. You can learn about the work of each of the committees. New ideas and volunteers are always welcome. Match your interests with the volunteer opportunities.

Contact the regional governor or region chair for your region. She (or he) can introduce you to possibilities. Find the list of Regional officers here.

Investigate how to run for a position on the Board of Governors, and the responsibilities that go along with it. To learn more and to volunteer your time and talents, contact the chair or a member of the Nominating committee.

The Connemara Pony is the native pony of Ireland where it has existed for centuries. The Connemara Pony Society of Ireland is the “home” society and maintains its Stud Books for the breed registry in Ireland. The American Connemara Pony Society is a “daughter” society to the Irish organization.

The International Committee of Connemara Pony Societies, formed in 1988, was developed to encourage continued positive development of this ancient breed without losing sight of its remarkable, hardy, native characteristics and to function to benefit the breed world-wide. The ACPS is a recognized member of the ICCPS and as such follows the regulations developed by the ICCPS for approved membership.

As detailed in the USEF Committee Charter, each USEF National Breed and Non-FEI Discipline Committee shall consist of seven (7) to fifteen (15) Senior Active Members of the Federation; 33.33% of the Committee shall be appointed by the Recognized Affiliate (ACPS), and 33.33% shall be appointed by the USEF President.  The current USOPC requirement has increased the number of Athletes on USEF committees to 33.33% of total committee members.  (A Connemara Athlete is defined as an exhibitor who has competed at a USEF or Affiliate National Championship competition within the preceding 24 months.) Selection is based on a diverse structure to optimize the best possible combination to represent the entire Connemara horse industry. USEF Connemara Committee members serve terms of 2 years. Recommendations are made via joint review and proposal by the current US Equestrian Connemara Committee Chair, the ACPS President and the ACPS Secretary. Additional information is located in the USEF Bylaws, found here. Current US Equestrian Connemara Committee (serving through February 28, 2023) can viewed by clicking here.