ACPS Awards

Crestwood Service

2019 Sally Oxnard
2018 Marilyn Z. Cheek
2017 Linda Haines
2016 Gloria LaCroix
2015 Gloria LaCroix
2014 Katherine Wilkins
2013 Ginny and Joe Winkler, Gardiner,NY
2012 Kathy Sparks, Slippery Elm Shoot Farm, Unionville, IN
2011 Vanessa Morgan
2010 Donna Duckworth, Alachua, FL and Richmond, VA
2009 Tom MacLoichlan, Ireland
2008 Susan McConnell of Oakfields Farm, Free Union, VA
2007 Debbie and Mike Busta, OH
2006 Catherine Mack, VA
2005 Anne Frey, NY
2004 Charlene O’Neil, CA
2003 Joan and Larry Ervin, CA
2002 Joan Webster, CA
2001 Jackie and Ed Harris, NY
2000 Elizabeth Platais, MA
1999 Kathy Lucas, CA
1998 Mary and Rogers Rutter, VT
1997 Marynell Eyles, VA
1996 Doris Jacobi, Alberta,Canada
1995 Dr. Marian Molthan, AZ
1994 Winston Sheppard, PA
1993 Caroline Nesbitt, NH
1992 Elizabeth O’Brien, CT
1991 Dorothy Lyons, CA
1990 Dorothy Carpenter Moore, MO
1989 Pat Lyne, Ireland
1988 Patricia Lightbody, OH
1987 Laura Carpenter Balding MO

About the Award

Awarded to honor a person’s unselfish love, dedication, and long term service on the behalf of the Connemara. For individuals who spend a lot of time and energy promoting the Connemara.

Donated By

Catherine Mack & Sue Smith in 1987 in memory of Ann Gascoyne



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