ACPS Awards

Hall of Fame

Camlin Performance

Step 1: Collect the Pieces

  • Be sure the pony is eligible for the Camlin.
  • Be sure the owner is a member of the ACPS
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Include a copy of his/her ACPS registration form.
  • Include several photos of the mare or gelding.

Step 2: Think

  • What are the guidelines for the Camlin Award?
    • The pony should be outstanding in one discipline or good in several.
    • Emphasis is placed on qualities of durability and excellence.
    • Results in nationally Recognized competition take precedence over a quantity of awards in local competition.
    • Non-competitive activities do not count.
  • What has the pony achieved under meet these guidelines?
    • Write what your high school English teacher called a thesis statement about his achievements under the guidelines. For example:
      “This pony has competed successfully for ten years in Recognized pony hunter divisions from Missouri to Florida. She has won top awards including the Clifden”
      “This pony is an all-round athlete. He has competed in Recognized competition in driving, competitive trail and jumper classes on the west coast.”

Step 3: Make a List

  • Support this statement with a list of some specific examples over the years that you can recall. By specifics we mean the name, year, month and place of a competition, and if it is Recognized. Include the placement and level (if applicable).
  • It helps to list Recognized competitions separately. Be specific about results that earned Achievement Awards as these themselves do not help us.
  • Limit the list to one page, if possible, using the most significant accomplishments that you can recall.

Step 4: Send

  • Submit your application to the Committee Leader by July 1.
  • You can use e-mail or regular mail.
  • The deadline is never influenced by a later date for the Annual Meeting, as this is a lifetime award and not dependent on current activity.
  • Be prepared to be patient. Many highly qualified candidates do not win the first year.

Features of an unacceptable application

  • Incomplete facts about the pony, dam, breeder, etc
  • No copy of the registration
  • A beautiful photo album. Cannot be sent to the Selection Committee!
  • Lengthy rambling paragraphs. We need specifics.
  • Arrives after the deadline


Contact the Selection Committee Leader or one of the Over-All Chairs.

About the Award

Recognition of a career of outstanding achievement of a purebred mare or gelding, demonstrating durability and accomplishment.

Donated By

Garnet Irwin of Ireland



Deadline: August 1
Send to: Awards Chair