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Camlin Performance

Prairie Delaney, 14.2 bay gelding (Blue Ridge Jefferson x Dawn’s Mary Kate), Bred By: Carol Siebecker, Owned by Gabriella Jasper (Booth), Amherst, MA

Rockhaven MacBrigh, Owners: Mary Carol Harsch and Stephanie Fenton Hickey

Ridgetop Cady O’Daly14.1  grey mare (Aladdin’s Denver x Blue Hill’s Egan), Bred by Marynell Eyles, Owned by Alicia and Emily Daily, Cady O’Daly Farm, Goode VA

Hideaway’s Playboy (Hideaway’s Erin Smithereen x Hideaway’s Centerfold) Bred by Hideaway Farm, owned by Steven Read and ridden by Bekki Read.

Shammer Jake 14.3 Grey (*Ballinaboy Eamonn x *Grange Diedre Sparrow) Bred by Tir N’Og Farm

Wil’ Ya Love Me, 1996 Palomino (Grange Finn Sparrow x Lady Doreen)

Tower Hills Darby Dun (*Chiltern Copa of Tower Hill x Tower Hill’s Killaire) Bred by Mary & Rogers Rutter of Tower Hill Farm, owned by Stacey Taylor

Hideaway’s Special Delivery, 1995 Grey (Greystone Dallen McMor x Hideaway’s Celebration). Bred by Jackie Harris owned and ridden by Cathy Blackmon, Hillsborough, NC

Windy Hollow Lilia (Seaborne’s Flagship x HH Greystone’s Irish Wind) Bred by Marianne Alexander, owned and ridden by Katherine Short

Tower Hill’s Ballan 1990 brown PB Connemara gelding, (*Chiltern Copa of Tower Hill, x Tower Hill’s Killaire) (Whitewood Galway Bay). Owner/ rider Connie Wilson, Breeder Mary and Rogers Rutter

Shammer Sandman, 15.2 h gray (*Ballinaboy Eamon x Grange Dierdre Sparrow), bred by Maureen Loughman Abel of Tir na n’Og Ranch, Okeechobee, Fl, and owned by Michael and Mary Beth Fleming of Carmel, IN.

Seaborne’s Navigator (GF Sparrow x Hideaway’s Greystone Cover Girl) bred by Denise Hill, Seaborne Farm and owned by Amanda Cohen of Cleveland, OH.

Ballywhim Merriane, 14.1+h bay mare, (Dallen McMor of Greystone x Hideaway’s Legacy), bred by Ballywhim Farm, owned by Barb and Haley Jacobi, AZ.

Kerrymor’s Autumn Hope, 13.1h dark brown mare, (*Texas Hope x Round Robin’s Easter Bonnet), bred by Joan McKenna, MO, owned by Michelle Haas, MO.

Lynfield’s Patrick, 15.1h bay gelding, (*Texas Hope x Morning Dew), bred by Mary Bailey Astle, owned by Susan Houle, VT.

Aladdin’s Alaska, 14.2h grey gelding, (Aladdin x Far Above’s Katherine), bred by Catherine Mack, VA, owned by Alice Laimbeer, VA,

Erin Casco Bay, 15.1h bay gelding, (Hideaway’s Erin Smithereen x Hideaway’s Hunky Dory), bred by Pat Lightbody, OH, owned by Pat Lightbody and Gretchen Singleton, OH.

RBR Miss Patrice, 13h bay mare, (RBR Playboy x RBR Georgia Lady), bred by D. S. Warner,CA, owned by Joan Ervin, CA.

Bar Bar A’s Kilkerrin Duffy, 14.2h grey gelding, (Bar Bar A’s Kilkerrin Paddy x *Cregs Winter), bred by Dorothy Lyons, CA, owned by Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Blaha, AZ.

Big Bear’s Katie O’Hara, 14.2h bay mare, (Foxglove Malarkey x Bar Bar A’s Malarkey), bred by Margaret Gamlin, AR, owned by Duke Horder, FL.

Tower Hills Wizard of Oz, 14.3 grey gelding, (*Chiltern Copa of Tower Hill x Spring Ledge Dublin Lass), bred by Mary and Rogers Rutter, VT, owned by Samantha Maley, VA.

Shamus, 14.3h grey gelding, (Fox Ridge Star Boy x Carna Lass), bred by Mr. G. A. White, MA, owned by Kathleen and Samantha Williams, VA.

Balius Kerry Blue, 14.1h grey mare, (Gilnocky Drumcliffe x Polaris Suzanne), bred by Sally Green, NM, owned by Lee Webster, CA.

Ferdinand’s Roxana, 14.1h dun mare, (Gilnocky Drumcliffe x RBR Georgiana), bred by Sally Stuart, CA, and Catherine Mack, VA, owned by June Ruhsam, VA.

Cricket’s Dew Butterfly, 14.1h grey mare, (*Jiminey Cricket x *Mountain Dew), bred by Mrs. Mary Lile, WA, owned by Katie Stuart, CA.

Hideaway’s Hustler, 14.2h bay stallion, (Hideaway’s Erin Srnithereen x Hideaway’s Centerfold), bred by Ed and Jackie Harris, NY, owned by Kathy Lucas, CA.

Blue Ridge Tiger, 15.1h roan gelding, (Blue Ridge Jubal Early x Pamunkey), bred by Blue Ridge Farm, VA, owned by Pat and Judy Brescia, VA.

Orphan’s Hope, 14+h dark dun mare, (*Texas Hope x Orphan Grey), bred by Polaris Farm, VA, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Winston Sheppard, PA.

Castletown Princess, 14.2h dark dun mare, (MacDara x Black Rover), bred by Peter Mannion, Ireland, owned by Frank and Doris Fee, NY.

Another Notch, 14h grey mare, (Georgia’s Mr. Irish x Smokey McGilly), bred by R. Wright, GA, owned by the Williams Family, VA.

Bar Bar A’s Winter Star, 14.2h grey gelding, (Bar Bar A’s Kilkerrin Paddy x *Creg’s Winter Dame), bred by Dorothy Lyons, CA, owned by Jennifer Bradpiece,CA.

Tre Awain Irish Dancer, 15.2h grey gelding, (Tre Awain Cricket Rebel x *Orphan Cream), bred by Mrs. D. J. Moore, MO, owned by Mrs. Corwith Hamill, IL.

Mount View Paddy, bay gelding, (Carna Dun x *Lovely Lormount), bred by L. MacLaughlin, owned by Mr. and Mrs. J. LaCroix, Canada, shown by Karen and Brian LaCroix.

Custusha’s Cashel Rock, 14.3h dun stallion, (*Texas Hope x Spring Ledge Taffy), bred by Custusha Farm, owned by Mel and Helen King, WA.

Avenns Golden Ruby, 13.2h dun mare, (*Ruta Raitni x *Ciotog), bred by Dr. T. A. O’Halloran, Ireland, owned by Melanie Jacobi, Alberta, Canada.

Spring Ledge Irish Whiskey,14h bay stallion, (Spring Ledge Bantry Bay x *Dublin Grey), bred by Spring Ledge Farm, NH, owned by Dr. Marian Molthan, AZ.

Red Ridge Super Star, 13.1h brown mare, (*Texas Hope x *Bo Peep), bred by Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Beatty, CT, owned by Charlene O’Neil, CA.

Round Robin’s Indestructible, 13.1h grey gelding, (An Tostal x Sun Cloud), bred by Mrs. Bruce Read, VT, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Heekin, IN.

Erin’s Shamrock, 14.1h grey gelding, (*Tooreen Laddie x *Erin Bay), bred by Hideaway Farm, owned and ridden by Karen Lende (now O’Connor), VA.

Spring Ledge Bridgette, 13.2h dun mare, (Whitewood Galway Bay x Whitewood Good Friday), bred by Mrs. William Clough, owned by Dorothy Lyons, CA.

About the Award

Recognition of a career of outstanding achievement of a purebred mare or gelding, demonstrating durability and accomplishment.

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Garnet Irwin of Ireland



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