Chris Knox

Christine Ogier Knox is originally from Barrington Hills, Illinois where she attained the US Pony Clubs ‘A’ rating. As a rider, trainer, judge, coach, course designer and clinician Chris has…

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Kathy Sparks

Kathy Sparks spent her younger years growing up in northern Indiana, but studied abroad as a teenager, living near Antwerp Belgium.  It was living in the Belgian countryside that her…

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Marynell Eyles

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The Eyles family seems to have been chosen by the Connemara breed for a lifetime of devotion. When a breed of equine suits your family's needs, it’s best to stick…

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Laura Balding

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In the late 50’s our Mother discovered Connemara Ponies. My best mount at the time was a 17.3hh Thoroughbred, called Happy Landing. I took him to be part of a…

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Inspections in the United States

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Connemara ponies were first brought to the United States in the 1950’s, primarily as children’s riding ponies. The American Connemara Pony Society (ACPS) was formed in 1956. Most other countries…

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The First Inspections

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There have been ponies in Connemara since at least 1399, the date of the first written account. They have been described over the centuries in both glowing and derogatory terms.…

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Sarah McThrasher

The path that led me to the connemara pony was by pure circumstantial chance or luck. As a gutsy 11yo in search of an event pony my parents were told…

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Tracy Garland

I have been a Connemara Pony enthusiast and owner for the last 18 years. My gelding, Hideaway’s First Edition (Eddie), and I have enjoyed learning and doing dressage, jumping, driving,…

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Joan Webster

I “met” my first Connemara in 1974—a purebred Connemara stallion, ridden by an eight-year-old girl in a low-key, rural, children's schooling show! It was a fascinating experience to behold! Never…

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Liz Platais

I became a lifetime member of the ACPS in 1973. I traveled extensively through Europe, England, and Ireland with my mother, Rachel Page Elliott, author of “Dogsteps,” internationally-known lecturer and authority…

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