ATT:  Owners of young grey Connemaras

ATT:  Owners of young grey Connemaras

grey Connemara Pony Whisper

If you have a grey purebred Connemara 6 years old or younger, please check your pony over for melanomas.  They would be small lumps or tumors on the hairless areas of the body:  the anus, around the eyes, muzzle, sheath, etc.  95% of melanomas appear on hairless areas, but they can appear where there is hair.  Also, an older pony would qualify if you are certain the melanoma developed while 6 or younger.

If you have a young pony with melanoma, I hope you will enter them in the Melanoma Research Project the ACPS is coordinating with Un of California/Davis to find the DNA of melanoma.  80% of all grey horses will develop melanoma in their lifetimes.  Finding the DNA of melanoma will assist breeders in eradicating this disease, and it will be a benefit to all horse breeds who have grey color coats.  Many of our Connemaras have entered the research and much progress has been made, but what is very much needed now are more young ponies with “early onset” melanoma to complete the research.

If you have a qualifying Connemara, I hope you are willing to enter them in this important research.  What is need is a blood sample and a tumor sample.  (Tumors should be removed while they are small – before they get too large to remove.)  A kit will be sent to you from UC/Davis which will contain everything you need to take the samples, and a return label.

Please get in touch with me, and I will make all the arrangements, and guide you through the process.  I will not identify any of the Connemaras entered in the project.  However, many of the owners have spoken about their pony’s participation because they are proud of their contribution!

Maureen Loughman Abel

[email protected]

863 467-5377, cell 863 447-1825

24 NE 325th Trail, Okeechobee, FL 34972

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